Episode 1×01 – The Extended Edition

This may come as a surprise to some of you (it certainly did to me), but if you compare the US and the UK versions of the Dominion Blu-rays, you’ll find that the pilot episode on the UK version is about 20 minutes longer than the one on the US Blu-rays.

I’m lucky enough to have both versions of the episode to be able to compare them (yes, I’m that much of a geek to buy them both), so let’s take a closer look at the additional lines, shots and scenes in the extended version of the pilot. For your reference, I will call the US version the “original version”.

Before we dive in, though, let me just say that there are a lot of tiny, almost unrecognizable edits in the original version, which you will only realize when you let both versions run in parallel. I will not list all the many instances where just a second or two of a particular shot was shaved off. This was done in almost every scene, sometimes multiple times, perhaps to save another cumulative one or two minutes in the end. What I will be listing here are the changes that are a little more substantial than that. Continue reading

Dominon 1×01 Recap – The Snark Edition

This is a warning, a disclaimer and a declaration of love all rolled into one. Because the fact that these recaps are full of snark and what may seem to be criticism doesn’t mean that I don’t love Dominion – quite on the contrary. If I didn’t love the show as much as I do, I wouldn’t be taking the time and effort to do this.
Please read these recaps as a humorous, tongue-in-cheek attempt to pay homage to a show that I think is wonderfully written, acted, shot and produced. (Vaun, should you read this, you are still the ninja among showrunners, and I hope you can forgive me for posting these.) ‘Nuff said. Now go away or dare read on at your own peril.

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1×01 “Pilot”: Comparison between script and final cut

It just so happens that the original pilot script for Dominion is floating around the internet. If you’re a fan of the show, I recommend that you read it because it gives a good deal more insight into the episode and the characters. It seems to be an early version of the pilot and not the actual shooting script, because there are several differences between the two.

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On the Dominion pilot’s value and other things

When I was putting together graphics for a post on Tumblr, I realized that there were as many as 14 major and recurring characters that were introduced in the Dominion pilot. So I’d like to take a few moments to point out how much we should appreciate Vaun Wilmott and his writing team’s scriptwriting.

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