Episode 1×08 – The Extended Edition

For those fans who don’t have access to the Blu-ray release of season 1 that came out in the US in late December, I have put together a description of the new or modified scenes from the extended version of the season finale that was published as a Blu-ray exclusive special feature. So, let’s dive in…

Extended Title Theme

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The extended episode has a slightly longer version of the regular title theme. It’s the same style than the regular one with the same music, using a few images we already saw in the pilot’s exposition sequence right at the beginning (where General Riesen recounts the history of the Extermination War).

Arika/Uriel Love Scene

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The scene where Arika and Uriel make out is essentially the same, except at the very end there are a few extra seconds where Uriel unfolds her wings.

William & Claire’s Wedding

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Just after William tells Claire that his expectations remain the same, the camera veers over to David, who starts engaging with some of William’s Acolytes. William seems concerned that David is being too obvious, and he takes him aside. David gives William a nice little speech that seems to indicate he has truly converted to believe in Gabriel and join his side in this war of forces. The conversation ends with David making a request to also meet Gabriel in person, where William reluctantly says he’ll see what he can do.

This segues directly into a scene with Arika and Claire. Arika invites Claire to Helena with lots of innuendo about the pregnancy and Claire’s tryst with Alex.

Father and Daughter

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This scene follows the first waterpark scene and is inserted after Michael confronts Furiad in the motel. It takes place in House Riesen. Claire is upset that her father didn’t tell her about Evelyn’s demise. Edward explains that he kept it from her so she could enjoy her wedding day, but Claire doesn’t want to be coddled. She is also concerned that Edward’s relations with Clementine will be unveiled and cast a bad light on Claire in her new role in the Senate. She more or less urges him to step down from politics completely to let her take over on her own.

Interestingly, she poured herself a whisky, seeing how she’s pregnant and aware of the fact.

Becca’s Lab

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The next new scene is a slightly extended version of one that is in the original cut at an earlier point in time. In the extended version, it follows the scene where Uriel pretends to bless Claire, but really only wants to confirm that she’s pregnant with Alex’s child. We then cut over to Becca’s deserted lab on the House Thorn premises. Becca explains in a voice-over directed at General Riesen that they’re making progress with the experiments on the Higher Angels. The scene ends with the one we know where she tells Riesen that the angels can be blown into pieces with sufficient explosive force and he, in turn, tells her he’s planning to leave Vega.

Back at the Waterpark and Beyond

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Alex and Michael pace inside an overgrown, now empty swimming pool, waiting for Gabriel. It appears Michael gave Alex an Empyrean blade. He is having a go at the Scotch that Noma gave him earlier. Emotions are running high, as are tensions. Michael leaves when he senses Gabriel approaching.

Back in Vega, Riesen leaves the city and Claire finds his office empty. (This is in the original cut, too.)

At the waterpark, Noma arrives, possessed by Gabriel. Alex pretends to have lost faith in Michael and his lies, Gabriel tries to lure Alex in by offering to let him be the saviour of mankind, hoping he’d bestow peace among the humans to reunite them without bloodshed. It is Gabriel’s hope that this will bring Father back. Gabriel really is a master manipulator, because this scene instilled a nagging feeling of sincere doubt about Michael’s intentions in me, and a degree of pity, even trust towards Gabriel.

(Visually, they use Carl Beukes in this scene more than Kim Engelbrecht, having mostly Carl interact with Chris during the dialogue-heavy parts.)

When Alex lays out his condition of only yielding to Gabriel’s wish after a true face-to-face meeting, Gabriel’s anger flares. He forces Alex to show him a sign of goodwill, in the form of taking the Empyrean blade he got from Michael to kill Noma with it. After a good deal of deliberation (and Noma’s urge to not let her stand in the way), he indeed stabs Noma in the gut.

As Noma’s life drains out of her, Michael reappears and plucks a feather from his wing to heal Noma’s wound with drops of molten pinfeather (repaying the favour, as he states, from when Noma healed him the same way in episode 4). However, in this case the remedy has no effect and Noma dies in the arms of a distraught and crying Alex. It is then that his tattoos start moving and a few drops of ink flow from his finger into Noma’s wound, which instantly revives her. Alex and Michael can’t believe it, and there are smiles all around.

On a hill, we see a small, slender person with fire-red hair watching the waterpark from a distance. As the camera pans around, we recognize Roan, the child savant from Helena who turned out to be a higher angel in league with Gabriel.

Cut to a deserted street outside of Vega, where Gabriel walks up to the city in the dim night light.

The Waterpark Again

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The previously described scene segues into the dream sequence where Alex fights with Jeep and kills him which is also in the original cut. Afterwards he wakes up with a start, lying on the sandy ground at the waterpark where he’s waiting for Gabriel to turn up. Michael joins him and tells him they need to go back to Vega because Gabriel’s not coming. This scene is almost the same as in the original cut, but there’s a short snippet of additional dialogue where Alex asks, “Is Noma all right?” and Michael answers, “She’s recovering.”

Claire and Becca at the Senate

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After that last waterpark scene, Gabriel goes to Vega to surrender. This cuts to Claire and Becca on the way to a Senate meeting. Claire is concerned about her father’s absence and wants to send out a search party to bring him back, but Becca reassures her that he can fend for himself and that she needs to let Edward go.

Several scenes from the original cut follow, including Claire talking to David, her talking to Gabriel in the voltage cell, and the conversation between David and William where William urges David to prevent Gabriel’s execution. Afterwards we cut to…

Arika and Uriel in Arika’s Quarters

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Arika is concerned that Alex is slipping away from them and all her hard work sucking up to people in Vega was in vain, now that Gabriel is courting Alex. Uriel tries to reassure Arika by telling her, “No one is taking Alex.” This scene is immediately followed by…

Alex and Ethan in the Voltage Cell Room

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Alex wants to talk to Gabriel, and his way of getting access is to guilt Ethan into helping him. At first he pulls the “one hand washes the other” card, but when Ethan is reluctant to grant him access to the archangel, they reveal Michael’s presence to give Alex’s request more clout.

The rest of the episode is exactly like the original cut with no further changes I could detect. It ends with Alex climbing up to Gabriel’s aerie while Claire reads out the letter he wrote to his unborn child.


Last but not least, it also seems the Blu-ray extras were put online in video format by a dedicated fan, so if you want to take a look…
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
Unaired Scenes from the Extended Season Finale

2 comments on “Episode 1×08 – The Extended Edition

  1. ann1023 says:

    Hi, thank you so much for all these pictures and descriptions of this extended edition. But I have some questions about the dialogue between Arika and Uriel, I’m wondering if you could help me out to understand their conversation. When Arika question Uriel, was the line as following?

    “I know, refused to wasted what your brother walks into Vaga, lost way to choose one, why are from under us?”

    Because I’m not native speaker, so it’s really hard for me to understand what Arika says all the time >.<

    Really appreciate if you could help. Thanks!!


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