Season 2 and where it might take us

Alone Alone_Michael   Alone_EdwardAlone_Claire   Alone_Alex Alone_David   Alone_William

Thinking about the Dominion season one finale, the one thing that struck me is that by the end of it, almost everyone is left completely and utterly alone. And that’s a really sad thing to realize, but at the same time a great thing to carry over into season two.


Michael’s journey is going to be a hard and difficult one. He’s manoeuvered himself into a corner that’s going to be hard to get out of. I’m not sure all the repentance in the world is going to get him back into the good graces of the people who matter to him and who he matters to. Or at least it’s going to be a hard road to get there.

There’s many roads that may lead to his redemption, but I have a feeling we’re going to see him travel the path on his own for a while. Where will it take him? To New Delphi? To the Camp? Off-world, even? And will he intervene in whatever Alex has planned for when he faces Gabriel?


Who knows where Edward is going? He mentioned he wanted to make it to New Delphi. Godspeed, General. It’ll be interesting to see the city. There’s so much mystery shrouding what the rest of the Cradle actually looks like. I can well imagine Edward trying to establish himself in the city and maybe get it more organized, or at least have influence on trying to gather more forces in New Delphi that can offer resistance against Gabriel’s machinations.


Claire got the triple whammy. Not only did Alex abandon her and their unborn child, she also lost the two other persons she had left to lean on — her father and William. Now she literally has no one. A single mom without a support system. Well, being a V6 and Lady of the City will grant her certain privileges, but you can’t raise a child on wealth alone. She doesn’t even have Michael to go to for advice in the political arena. And even though I adore her for being a strong and capable woman, she will be facing hardships I’m not sure she’ll be able to handle. Let’s hope she at least gets Alex back before long.


He’s taken the bold road and will face Gabriel head on. That took guts, but if anyone had it in him to be this reckless, it’d be Alex. Of course. What will he face, once he climbs into that aerie? What does Gabriel have planned for him? Are Alex’s intentions to kill Gabriel as quickly as possible? It’s hard to tell what the end game will look like. I have a feeling that it’s going to be the hot-head against the sly thinker, and Alex is gonna lose that fight. Gabriel’s just way too clever, way too manipulative.


David had to make some hard choices, but that also makes him appear human after all. It’s not surprising that he’d put his son over his political convictions. Who does he have left? William was the only person left of his family. What will become of David now? The way I see it, it could go one of two ways: Either this experience made him realize the errors of his ways and he’s going to become more sympathetic to the lives he’s affecting around him, or he could become even more of a cold-hearted, power-hungry megalomaniac. For the sake of drama, the latter would probably be more interesting, but for the sake of David, I’d prefer the first.


I fear for William. He has few survival skills to speak of, and a handgun is only as useful as your competency to use it. In my headcanon, William will wander around the desert for a few days, and then he’ll fall victim to a handful of thugs who will rob him of all his goods. And somehow, by a small miracle, he’ll happen upon the Camp and somehow find an in. Along the way, he’ll learn what it means to fend for himself, and he’ll also hopefully find it in him to reflect upon his choices.


Season 2 is gonna be a real doozie. I can’t wait to see how all these loose ends are going to be resolved, and how the characters will find their way back to a semblance of happiness and redemption. Vaun, make us proud (as I’m sure you will). Summer 2015 can’t come quickly enough.

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